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Black Backpack of GTA V

If you’re here it’s because you like Grand Theft Auto, and sure that your friends like it too. So why do not you show up at school with this backpack. But no matter the age, this backpack is for all those who like GTA V.

This backpack is ideal for travel, hiking and school. It has interior pockets for your laptop and/or your tablet of 14”.

The material is wear-resistant, breathable and comfortable.

Dimensions: 29 x 45 x 13 cm (11.41 x 17.71 x 5.11 in)

Package Include: 1x Backpack


Grand Theft Auto has become a hugely successful franchise pioneering open-world games. The latest title, GTA V, was initially released in September 2013 for the PS3 and Xbox 360, later received a visual upgrade with the versions for PS4 and Xbox One and finally after many fan requests the game came to the PC.

GTA 5 takes us back to the State of San Andreas, this time to a completely remodeled Los Santos much more faithful to Los Angeles, the city on which it is based. Joining the rural Blaine County area is the largest map ever created for a GTA. The Rocktar chose to create a large area to think about the various planes and helicopters, if it were a small map would not be fun to get on the plane and reach the other end of the world at a glance.

For the first time in the franchise we have three playable characters, Michael, Franklin and Trevor, who can switch at any time while playing with one the other two follow their normal lives through Los Santos and Blaine County so we never know where they go be. Michael may be in a cafe while Trevor is in a police chase.

The multiplayer mode known as GTA Online is what continues to have a huge success to this day. Here players can buy homes, businesses, bunkers, vehicles and try to survive in a dangerous Los Santos full of other players who will not hesitate to blow us away. Rockstar has added new free content over time in order to keep the players’ interest, and has succeeded.


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