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Stainless Steel Mug with design of photographic camera lens

The perfect mug for lovers of photography drink your coffee upon waking, have afternoon tea or take your drink to drink on the road thanks to its cap.

This mug is a perfect replica of a professional photographic camera lens, it has all the details, image stabilisation switch, autofocus switch, distance information window and technical information
like aperture size could even fool a professional into believing this cup is a genuine camera lens. The focus dials are replaced with replicas made from high-grip rubber, this turns a clever decorative feature into a functional part of the cup that helps the user to keep a firm grip.

The inside of the mug is stainless steel, meaning hot drinks stay hot longer than in conventional mugs. The exterior is plastic will protect your hands from the heat of the drink so you can hold and carry without burning

Are not you a lover of coffee, tea or hot drinks? This mug is perfect for any beverage, from juice to water. Or if you prefer to use it as a pen holder, it will look great on your desk.

Dimensions: 14cm (H) x 8cm (W)

Package Contents:
1 x Camera Lens Cup

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